As those of you following us know, SPE is in the early stages of development for its native green blockchain where we will have our carbon exchange. There we plan to mint our certified CCNFTs (carbon credit NFTs) which will be verifiably certified by our partner and team member, the Carbon Consulting Company.

❓SPE’s CCNFTs are ready to be minted now, how can we mint them without producing carbon if SPEC isn’t ready❓

SPE Chain, or SPEC, is still very much in its infancy and won’t be ready for launch for quite some time, yet we already have our first carbon credits ready to be minted. So in the meantime, we have been searching for a third-party blockchain that is eco-friendly to mint our CCNFTs now. If you weren’t aware, minting NFTs can be extremely carbon-intensive, so it would defeat the purpose of documenting carbon credits as NFTs on the blockchain if we were to mint on a traditional blockchain such as Ethereum. After months of research of several blockchains and NFT marketplaces, SPE has found a perfect all-in-one fit, Phantasma Chain, and partners.

Please see here for a more in-depth explanation by Phantasma comparing the cost of minting NFTs on Phantasma Chain and Ethereum:

🟢Why Phantasma?🟢

Phantasma was ahead of the NFT space 6 months ago when they announced they would be going carbon neutral. As a proof of stake blockchain with an already minimal carbon footprint, they’ve always been dedicated to providing truly green blockchain services from the beginning. They were also searching for a way to calculate exactly their minimal carbon footprint and become carbon neutral, and when we found each other it appears that it’s the perfect match. It has been agreed that SPE will calculate Phantasma’s CO2 emissions and then provide the necessary offsets to become carbon NEGATIVE. Phantasma will collaborate with SPE and help us mint our first certified CCNFTs, and provide a smart contract so they are accessible on the marketplace and easily bought with $SPE as described in the whitepaper v4.0.

✔️Phantasma’s Smart NFTs and BSC Integration, two more reasons the partnership is perfect for SPE✔️

I encourage you all to check out Phantasma’s innovative Smart NFTs:

More will be revealed later on about how SPE plans to utilize Smart NFTs for our CCNFTs, there’s so much more we can implement with this technology than with traditional NFTs.

Also, just the other day, Phantasma completed integration to BSC, another incredible development for ease of use:

🚀Much more to come🚀

It’s been a long 6 months but finally, the core aspect of SPE’s sustainable business model is coming to fruition. We are proud to be working with a company that has conscious of conserving the environment while providing its services in a normally carbon-intensive space. We are excited to have a long-lasting partnership, during which at all times we will help to Save Planet Earth.🟢🌍

SavePlanetEarth has partnered with Phantasma

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