The long awaited tertiary interview between SavePlanetEarth’s Director, Imran Ali, and a successful trading coach with a big following, 360Trader. The interview turned out to be worth the wait as Imran revealed many things to the public for the first time, such as information about how $SPE carbon credits would work, SavePlanetEarth’s desire to develop their own green blockchain, plus their own carbon exchange which uses $SPE as the only currency within the ecosystem, as well as a game which consumes $SPE. 

 Additionally, Imran revealed some information about his international visits, he’s currently in Turkey and has meetings with the Environmental sector officials and NGO’s (such as TEMA) to see how SPE can help with the recent tragic forest fires. And that’s just the second Government out of the eleven that he is scheduled to visit and speak to in person. He’s a man on a mission to Save Planet Earth and is determined to make $SPE a cryptocurrency to be respected!

Check out the full Medium Article which includes the full transcript.

Delving into $SPE’s use case and Tokenomics

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